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Radio Codes and Frequencies

The Scotland Volunteer Fire Deparment is a member of the Quinebaug Valley Emergency Communications Dispatch Center. QV, as they are better known, receives all 911 calls from the town of Scotland, along with over a dozen other towns in eastern Connecticut.

SVFD members are dispatched using the QV alpha-numeric paging system. When a page is send, members can see the type of emergency, location of the call, and proper operating frequency. Typical frequecies used by the SVFD are:

Dispatch Frequency
Secondary Fireground
EMS Operations

During emergency operations, codes are used to minimize radio traffic. The following are codes used by QV dispatched departments:

23 Emergency 64 Make Inspection
24 Disaster 65 Phone Alarm
25 Weather Alert 66 Sound Box Alarm
44 Weapons Investigation 67 Second Alarm
49 Air Raid Alert 68 General Alarm
50 Report of Fire 69 Special Call
51 Report to (location) 70 Special Message
52 Unit off the air 71 Unit Returning
53 Unit on the air 72 Working Fire
54 Under Control 73 Available
55 Send Police 74 Notify Chief
56 Send Water Dept. 75 Notify Fire Marshal
57 Send Mechanic 79 Location
58 Send Power Co. 80 All Clear
59 Call By Phone 83 Use Caution
60 Change Frequency 85 Radio Test
61 Apparatus Accident 86 Prepare Food
62 Mutual Aid Call 88 Message at Station
63 Unit on the Scene 90 Radio Silence